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Anti-Muslim legislations by Modi, first step towards making India a Hindu theocratic state: Karat
January 26, 2020

Indian politician and former Member of Indian Parliament Brinda Karat says the grave challenge to Indian constitution and the country, comes not from external inimical forces but India's own central government.

She expressed these views in an article, titled "In Targeting Protestors, Modi Government Spreads New Lies" published by NDTV today, on the 70th anniversary of Indian constitution.

Brinda Karat said the recent anti-Muslim legislations by Modi government are the first step towards making India a Hindu theocratic state.

She said the trident of Citizenship Amendment Act, National Register for Citizens and National Population Register pushed through parliament by Modi government hits at the heart of India by linking religion with citizenship.

The Indian politician said the legislation is highly discriminatory and objectionable as the assumption behind it is that India is a Hindu Rashtra.

Brinda Karat is a Member of the Politburo of Communist Party of India and former member of Rajya Sabha.

NNR/ Ahsan