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Analysts welcome Govt’s remittances program terming it a burgeoning impact on national economy
November 25, 2021

Asif Khan: Secretary General Overseas Pakistanis Welfare Council): Pakistan is bestowed with around 9 million diasporas around the globe that are working diligently in coherence with national interest of the country. Right to vote is the fundamental democratic right of every individual as per the spirits of constitutional and international law. Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan himself has stayed in  UK and he is well aware of the intricacies of the matters of overseas nationals. The overseas community of Pakistan cordially welcomes the decision of Pakistan's government to pave way for the overseas nationals to participate in the general elections. Moreover, overseas community is eager to play their constructive role in political and socio-economic domains. Still, the overseas community has an apprehension that Election Commission of Pakistan might curtail  their right to vote just like they did in the general elections , 2018. The bureaucracy and government should reconcile their differences and should envisage the benefits of having an inclusive voting mechanism.

Brig. Rt. Said Nazir: (IR Expert): The international community has adopted an ironic and hippocratic approach for resolution of Afghan issue. The champions of freedom, democracy and human rights seem numb and dumb when it comes to taking steps for betterment of Afghanistan in praxis. Afghan land has been used for the great power rivalry since its inception and US has hammered the last nail in the coffin. US has not only destroyed the infrastructure in Afghanistan but has uprooted the institutional and democratic setups by backing leaders like Ashraf Ghani. Their puppet fled away with the money of Afghan nation and now it is the moral duty of US to step ahead and clean their mess. US should stop bluffing international community by highlighting 'rights of dressing' and 'veils of Afghan women' in a nefarious manner. Afghan Talibans have groomed themselves to align with democratic lines. Now, US should stop talking about 'veils of Afghan women' and should start unveiling their appeasement policy for Afghanistan.

Dr. Talat Wizarat: (IR Expert): Sohni Dharti Remittances Program will have burgeoning impact on the economy of Pakistan and the revenue earned by such steps might cut short our dependence on IMF programs. The increase in foreign exchange will eventually strengthen Pakistan's currency value but economic development cannot be instigated on the shoulders of foreign exchange. Pakistan needs to rejuvenate indigenous industrial sector to increase the exports that will ultimately lead to sustainable development  and growth. In the contemporary times, Pakistan cannot afford to boost its exports due to electricity price hike and India enjoys competitive advantage over Pakistan in terms of export oriented industrialization. Thus, there is a dire need to resurrect industrial sector to culminate the issues of balance of trade deficit.

Naveed Akbar: (IR Expert):  International community is well aware of the looming humanitarian crisis imminent in Afghanistan. Pakistan's civil and military leadership is vocal of Afghan issue at international forums. Pakistan has rampantly warned the international community about the ominous consequences of ignoring Afghanistan and has reserved Five Arab rupees for the humanitarian assistance despite of economic turmoil in the country. Moreover, Pakistan has brought down the tariff and non-tariff trade barriers for Afghanistan to help them in kick start their stalled economy. Beside the efforts of Pakistan, the major regional as well as global powers should play their due role in averting the impending crisis in Afghanistan. Previously, dollar influx in Afghanistan and war economy was contributing into economic boom in Afghanistan but boom has busted soon after their exit. Now, US knows it cannot bear the brunt of Afghanistan and their unceremonious exodus from Afghanistan has brought economic upheavals in the war torn country.