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Indian govt’s policies do not protect religious freedom: USCIRF
November 24, 2022

A US commission on International Religious Freedom has asked the State Department to designate India as, country of particular concern, for violating religious freedom, human rights, and oppression of religious minorities.

The Commission in its annual report cited various issues such as crackdown on civil society and dissent, anti-conversion laws, anti-cow slaughter laws, Karnataka hijab ban, disinformation and hate speech, attacks on religious communities and the Citizenship Amendment Act and National Register of Citizens as some prime issues nagging the country.

The report said the way the BJP-government has enforced policies has enabled intolerance and exacerbated communal divides, resulting in violence, deaths, injuries, sexual assault, property destruction including places of worship, arbitrary detentions, harassment and social boycotting of minorities.

The report also stated Indian authorities in several states destroyed people's homes Muslims, accusing them of riots.

Regarding hate speeches, the report said officials and non-state actors continue to use social media platforms to intimidate and spread hatred and disinformation against minority communities.