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NASA's Mars Perseverance rover passes Flight Readiness Review
July 24, 2020

NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance rover mission cleared its Flight Readiness Review an important milestone on its way to the launch schedule on July 30.

The meeting was an opportunity for the Mars 2020 team and launch vehicle provider United Launch Alliance to report on the readiness of the spacecraft, along with the Atlas V rocket, flight and ground hardware, software, personnel, and procedures, according to NASA.

The launch window for the Perseverance rover opens at 7:50 a.m. Eastern Time on July 30.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said that this mission is emblematic of our nation's spirit of meeting problems head-on and finding solutions together. The incredible science Perseverance will enable and the bold human missions it will help make possible are going to be inspirations for us all.

The spacecraft and launch teams have one more major review to complete. Scheduled for July 27, the Launch Readiness Review is the last significant checkup before the mission receives final approval to proceed with launch.