Thursday, 07 July 2022, 11:52:42 am
Italian delegation lauds Radio Pakistan’s role in promotion of music, culture
May 24, 2022

A delegation comprising musicians, artists and musicologists from Italian Cooperation Mission visited National Broadcasting House in Islamabad on Tuesday.

The members of the delegation visited different channels, including FM-94 Dhanak and FM-101, and took keen interest in Pakistan's music and art. Impressed by Pakistani music, the Italian delegation members also participated in a live show at FM-101.

Interacting with the RJ, they were of the view that music is not confined to any specific language, but it touches heart. They said that music helps bring peoples closer. The visiting Italian musicians will be participating in "Heritage Live Concert" being held at Lok Virsa in Islamabad on Saturday.

The delegation members showed keen interest in the Pakistani music instruments placed at Central Production Unit. They were briefed on the music instruments. The members took snaps of the instruments and also eminent Pakistani singers, whose pictures have been displaced in the corridors of the studio area.

Later, the delegation members held a meeting with Director General Radio Pakistan Samina Farzin. The Director General informed the visiting dignitaries about the role played by Radio Pakistan for promotion of music in the country. She emphasized on exchange of cultural visits by the two countries to further collaborate for promotion of culture, music and arts on reciprocal basis. The Director General presented a folk music album, produced by PBC, to the delegation.

The delegation comprising Prof. Dinko Fabris, Fabrizio Festa and Rosalia Stellacci, appreciated the role being played by Radio Pakistan to promote the country's culture and traditions.

Cristine Menegazzi, Coordinator Culture, Heritage and Sustainable Tourism at the Italian Embassy, and Imran Ashraf , Senior Advisor Agriculture and Natural Resources, coordinated the visit.