Saturday, 02 July 2022, 04:06:18 am
Analysts condemn efforts to create chaos in the country by a political party
May 24, 2022

Maqbool Elahi Malik (Senior Analyst): The long march is a democratic right of any political party if it is staged peacefully and without disturbing the lives and properties of people. No one should be above the law. Our constitution fully ensures the supremacy of law. As the current economic situation of the country is critical, the idea of long march is not a good idea. These rallies can further disturb the economy and daily wagers will be directly affected by this.

Murtaza Solangi (Senior Analyst): Main concern about long march is law and order situation. PTI does not have a track record of keeping their promises. PTI attacked the Red Zone during the 2014 sit-in and threatened the government institutions. This is not part of democratic politics. The martyrdom of a police constable is the reflection of their intentions that this protest is not going to be a peaceful one. Their demand for election could have been met, had they used the right way by sitting in the opposition. Currently, the country is facing the worst of economic situation and PTI workers should not create anarchic situation.   

Moula Bux Chandio (Senator PPP): The PTI workers have no respect for the state and for its people. They only believe in the legitimacy of a government if it is ruled by them. They have no comprehension of the problems being faced by ordinary people and the current economic situation of the country. The Bilawal-led PPP's long-march was against the misery spread by the PTI government and not for the sake of power.