Friday, 07 October 2022, 08:56:58 pm
Analysts hail Prime Minister’s result oriented efforts to seek int’l humanitarian assistance for flood effected people in Pakistan
September 22, 2022

Mateen Haider (Senior Journalist) The meeting of Prime Minister with the CEO of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Microsoft has just started and definitely some support for the flood victims in Pakistan is also expected by Bill Gates. An exhibition is arranged in the UN General Assembly for the first time of Pakistan floods and devastation. The Prime Minister held an important meeting with the UN General Secretary on the sidelines of the UNGA session. The delegation headed by the Prime Minister is telling true stories about the damages done by the floods in Pakistan, Security outlook, moderate outlook and the situation in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The Prime Minister held fruitful meetings with MD IMF and President World Bank yesterday. The UN session is taking place at the time when Pakistan is confronting certain challenges including flood devastation, economic issues and others. The Prime Minister will address the UN General Assembly tomorrow and will attract the world's attention on the flood situation in the country and the Kashmir issue. Then there is going to be a powerful demonstration by the Pakistani and Kashmiri diaspora on 24th September at the time when the Indian delegation will address the UN general Assembly session. 

Nida Fatima (Senior Journalist from New York) The Prime Minister and his team is actively and effectively presenting Pakistan's narrative in the current situation in their meetings with world leaders. The Prime Minister and Foreign Minister are meeting with different delegations and the main agenda is to make the world realize that Pakistan is paying a huge price for carbon emission. The contribution of Pakistan in carbon emissions is less than 1% but even then it is among the 10 countries that would be badly affected due to climate change. Another  focus of meetings to grab maximum financial assistance for the flood affectees in Pakistan. So far, the response of the international community is very positive and we must expect that with the support of the world capitals, Pakistan will come out of the difficult situation.

Zulfiqar Badar (Spokesperson, Foreign Minister) The Foreign Minister addressed a roundtable meeting and discussed the situation after floods that caused huge devastation and the impacts will be long-lasting. The infrastructure has been destroyed, people have lost livestock and precious lives and the crops have been flown. Now there are health issues for the flood victims and also there will be the food security issues. All these damages are irreparable. The Foreign Minister also highlighted that Pakistan is responsible for less than 1%of the world’s planet-warming gases yet it is among the most vulnerable nation to the climate crisis. The Foreign Minister also thanked the international community for its unconditional financial support for the flood affectees.