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Analysts hail growing and strong Pak, China ties in diverse fields
May 21, 2022

Masood Khalid (Former Ambassador): Pak-China relation is a clear example of iron-brotherhood and friendship between the two countries for the last over seven decades. Our relations have made firm ground and now they are growing day by day. CPEC is a matter of bilateral interest between Pakistan and China. CPEC will be extended till Afghanistan, but its progress has become a bit slow due to current situation in the region. China's primary focus is to grow relations with Pakistan. It is pertinent to mention here that the Pak-China relation doesn't revolve around CPEC only. The relations between both the countries have reached a landmark, where no one can affect it. Terrorist forces are trying to sabotage Pak-China relations, but our intelligence forces are actively working to fight this menace. Pakistan with the help of China will definitely develop greater infrastructure, GDP and economy.

Salman Ghani (Senior Analyst): Pakistan-China ties are above everything as this relationship has been built on the strength of successive achievements and has become formidable with each passing day. The leadership of both of the countries is committed to taking this relation forward. Whereas, CPEC plays a pivotal role in the growth of Pakistan, there are a lot of evil eyes on it as well. Karachi incident is an example of disrupting Pak-China relations, but China has not made any issue over it. The direct or indirect enemies of China are our enemies and we have to stand against them. The intelligence forces have to work efficiently to stop these terrorist attacks. China is the only country to stand with Pakistan in every manner and matter. China is, was and will be our sincere friend, and we should be thankful to them for our growing infrastructure through CPEC.

Hammad Naqi Khan (Environment Expert): In the current era, drastic climate changes are occurring at larger scale. The future of many living organisms is in question, which not only includes plants and animals, but the people are also victims of deteriorating state of nature. Pakistan is one of a few countries which have a Ministry for Climate Change, so we have to work on policies and prepare ourselves for upcoming changes in climate. As the situation is worsening day by day and the hot weather in the areas of Punjab is breaking previous records, we have to come-up with more effective plans in this regard. Currently, Pakistan is facing economic and political challenges, but the biggest challenge is the climatic transformation, which has to be looked after efficiently to overcome it. 

Dr. Fahad Saeed (Climate Scientist): The heat wave of 2015 was much stronger than the current heat wave, but the results are much worse now. As many deaths are being observed in various areas of the region, it is an alarming situation for us and we have to look for it before it is too late. Currently, I am working on a study related to climate change, from which I can say that this heat wave is definitely related to climate change and we have to develop efficient policies to overcome it. 

Maulana Abdul Wasey (Federal Minister for Housing & Works): I along with other government officials visited the forest of Sherani district. Efforts are being made to monitor the situation of fire through efforts, while on ground all available resources are being utilized to extinguish the fire. The area is treacherous and difficult but rescue teams are making their best efforts to control the blaze. A major operation is underway to put out fire by using advanced machinery.