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Australian scientists develop single vaccine for deadly respiratory diseases
May 21, 2019

Australian scientists have successfully developed a single vaccine approach to combat multiple deadly respiratory diseases.

The team from the University of Adelaide's Research Centre for Infectious Diseases said that the single vaccination approach can simultaneously prevent influenza and pneumococcal infections, which together kill millions of people every year.

Study leaders Mohammed Alsharifi and James Paton said that the single approach also overcomes the limitations of current vaccines. They found that the influenza A vaccine is more likely to also protect against other strains of influenza when co-administered with the pneumococcal vaccine. "Influenza infection predisposes patients to severe pneumococcal pneumonia, with very high mortality rates.

Alsharifi said. We're investigating combining our novel influenza and pneumococcal vaccines into a single vaccination approach and have demonstrated a highly significant enhancement of immune responses against diverse subtypes of influenza.