Friday, 07 October 2022, 08:32:07 pm
Experts suggest adoption of nature-based solutions to conserve rainwater
September 20, 2022

Water experts said groundwater recharge well is a cheaper and efficient technology based on natural solutions to conserve rainwater for household use, revive aquifer and mitigate the risk of urban flooding through most modern technology available at the local level.

Chairman Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources Dr Muhammad Ashraf told APP that the groundwater recharge solutions are the need of the entire country. Especially in the prevailing floods that occurred in an unprecedented fashion in Pakistan.

He said, the artificial recharge well's purpose is to intercept rainwater near catchment area and inject it into groundwater well. It will help save water from evaporation, ponding and pollution.

He informed that the Capital Development Authority is establishing 100 recharge wells and 20 monitoring stations from its own resources in the federal capital.