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Govt devises mechanism to ensure distribution of Urea Fertilizer at control rate: PM
January 19, 2022

Prime Minister Imran Khan says the government has devised a comprehensive mechanism for distribution of Urea with the help of district administration that will ensure availability of Urea Fertilizer to farmers at the control rate.

He was chairing a high level meeting on Fertilizer issues, in Islamabad on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister said government is also taking strict anti-smuggling and anti-hoarding measures to curb illicit profiteering from Urea distribution across the country.

He said we have achieved record production of Urea Fertilizer in three year tenure, which surpassed 6.1 million tons. Prior to 2018 it never crossed 5.5 million tons.

The Prime Minister said increased indigenous production has led to Urea Fertilizer availability to farmers at a 5 times cheaper rate compared to prices in international market.

The meeting was given a detailed briefing on Urea production, its distribution across the country, monitoring mechanism to curb hoarding and smuggling and the price differential between Pakistan and international market including regional countries.

The meeting was briefed that the Urea production in three year tenure of the government surpassed 6.1 million tons, 440,000 bags per day, which prior to 2018 never crossed 5.5 million tons, 370,000 bags per day.

This was achieved due to the government's policies, including unhindered supply of gas to urea plants.

In addition to that a robust system to monitor fertilizer supply and demand with constant monitoring has been put in place that has led to resolution of issues on daily basis.

The meeting was also given details regarding anti-smuggling operations and number of bags confiscated at the border crossing by authorities.

The meeting was also briefed on other factors responsible for creating hurdles in plugging demand and supply gap in urea sector, such as panic buying by farmers, buying by people other than farmers to sell at a premium, increased cultivation by farmers due to increased incomes in the last produce.

A comprehensive plan was also presented in the meeting which after implementation will ensure smooth distribution of urea fertilizer at union council level under the monitoring of district administration, agricultural department and revenue department.

Prime Minister directed to implement the plan immediately stating that facilitation of the small farmers is among the top most priorities of the government.