Wednesday, 05 October 2022, 12:24:25 am
FFC chairman plays down 'high flood' threat in River Ravi
August 17, 2022

Chairman Federal Flood Commission Ahmed Kamal has played down the threat of high flood in River Ravi, as India released 171,000 cusecs floodwater from Ujh Barrage the other day.

Talking to APP, he said the water flow in River Ravi has been recorded at 63,000 cusecs on Tuesday evening which does not suggest any potential of high flood.

The Chairman said Ravi and Sutlej rivers usually remain dry and some people have established encroachments at their banks.

He said a low flood of 50,000 cusecs water can inundate those illegal establishments which might lead the media persons to report it as high flood.

Meanwhile, a report issued by Federal Flood Commission said low flood was reported in River Indus at Chashma-Taunsa, Taunsa Guddu, Guddu-Sukkur and Sukkur-Kotri, while there was a medium flood in River Chenab at Khanki Qadirabad and a low flood at Marala.