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PM emphasizes on struggle to embody guiding principles of State of Madina
January 17, 2022

Prime Minister Imran Khan has emphasised on the struggle to embody the guiding principles of the State of Madina as laid down by the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam.

In an article appeared in daily "The Express Tribune" today [Monday], he said besides many other important principles, there were five very important guiding principles upon which the state of Madina was built. These principles are unity, justice and rule of law leading to meritocracy, strong moral and ethical foundation, inclusion of all humans in progress and prosperity, and finally, the quest for knowledge.

Imran Khan said in Pakistan, not adhering to the rule of law has led to siphoning off of billions of US dollars which has imposed collective poverty on our public. He said the pattern of politics and development in many countries of Africa and Latin American suggest the same. He said the so-called banana republics are the way they are because of lack of rule of law. This cause and effect relationship between rule of law and socio-political harmony cannot be emphasized enough.

Imran Khan said the State of Madina was the first recorded welfare state of mankind where the state took responsibility of its weak. He said inclusive development through creation of a welfare state where society takes care of its poor and vulnerable and everyone is a stakeholder in the development of society and state.

Highlighting the ethical and moral transformation of the people as per principles of Riyasat-i-Madina, the Prime Minister said  National Rahmatul Lil Alamin Authority will endeavor to engage in doing good and forbidding evil by teaching seerat-al-nabi (SAW) to our youth in schools and universities in the hope to raise the level the ethics and morals in our society.

Regarding Islam's principle of quest for knowledge, Imran Khan said all sources that impact human behavior should disseminate knowledge which produces self-control, self-discipline, patience, forbearance, tolerance and a spirit of service and volunteerism.

Talking about the steps taken for the welfare of the people, the Prime Minister said his government allocated billions of rupees under Ehsaas Program to provide relief to the common masses.

Imran Khan reiterated to establish the rule of law, which is the most urgent of all challenges facing Pakistan. He said Pakistan has suffered from elite capture, where powerful and crooked politicians, cartels and mafias have become accustomed to being above the law in order to protect their privileges gained through a corrupt system. He said they have also corrupted state institutions, especially those that are responsible for upholding the rule of law. He said such individuals, cartels and mafias are parasites and defeating them is absolutely necessary to unleash the real potential of Pakistan.