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Analysts hail commitment of Pakistan to raise voice for looming humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan
January 17, 2022

Abdullah Gul (Defense Analyst): The world needs to come forward to avert a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Pakistan is playing an important and responsible role in facilitating the Afghan brethren. It is an honor for Pakistan that it hosted an important OIC foreign ministers’ conference on the Afghan situation. Pakistan is utilizing all international forums to highlight the prevailing situation in Afghanistan. It is a crucial time as the instability in Afghanistan will have consequences for the entire region. The international community must provide basic items including food, medicines, clothes and other stuff to Afghan people to minimize their sufferings. The world is committing a serious crime by remaining silent on the Afghan issue. I would also appreciate the efforts of Radio Pakistan for continuously debating on the sensitivity of the situation in the neighboring country. If Afghan government is not engaged at this point of time, it may lead to an influx of a large number of refugees into Pakistan and Iran. Islamabad understands the enormity of the current scenario and is well aware of the ground realities as we have already been hosting a large number of Afghan refugees. China and Russia being important regional stakeholders must intervene to bring normalcy in the war-torn country.

Najam-ud-Din Sheikh (Former Ambassador): The visit of our National Security Advisor to Afghanistan is due in the coming days. During his meetings with Afghan officials, the issues related to regional security and TTP will also be discussed. Pakistan is a responsible state and will never compromise on its national interests. The fencing along Pak-Afghan border should be completed by all means and as early as possible. The foreign policy of Pakistan is in the right direction and the present government has managed to strengthen its bilateral relations with other important countries, including Russia. Islamabad and Moscow have made concerted efforts to establish the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship amid deteriorating regional security and shifting geopolitical competitions. Russia realizes the importance of Pakistan in any settlement of the Afghan problem.

Dr. Musarat Amin (IR Expert): Pakistan is a neighboring country of Afghanistan and is well aware of the regional ground realities. The United States always prioritized its interests with India rather than Pakistan and has ignored Islamabad in important events. Pakistan, meanwhile, looked for new horizons and improved its relations with other countries, including Russia. Pakistan has a crystal clear narrative that it is time to get engaged with the Taliban government as a humanitarian crisis is looming in the war-torn country. The telephonic conversation between Prime Minister and Russian President is a great development keeping in view the current regional situation as it means that the world is acknowledging the viewpoint of Pakistan. The world must urge the United States to de-freeze the Afghan assets in order to have economic revival in the land-locked country. It is good news that Pakistan is utilizing all available forums to make the world realize about the sensitivity of the Afghan issue and also warning the world about the consequences if there is an economic collapse in the war torn country.

Najam-us-Saqib (Former Ambassador): The most important development in the history of Pakistan is launching of national security policy by the present government. The policy defines the direction the country should take in the coming years. The foremost priority of our foreign policy is Kashmir issue. Although, Pakistan and India engaged in various wars over Kashmir issue, yet it is not the solution to any problem. The Kashmir issue always remains on agenda whenever foreign delegations come to Pakistan or Pakistani officials visit other countries. The second important issue is Afghan situation. Peace and stability in Afghanistan is in the best interest of Pakistan.