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Persian Protection Day ceremony held in Rawalpindi
May 16, 2022

A ceremony in connection with Persian Protection Day was held in Khanah Farhang, Islamic Republic of Iran, Rawalpindi.

The event was attended by teachers, students of various educational institutions and people from different walks of life.

Speaking on the occasion, Director General Khanh Farhang-e-Islami Iran Rawalpindi Rehman Zad said that Persian language is the common heritage of all Islamic countries and joint steps are needed to be taken for protection and development of this great heritage.

 He said that Persian is the language of the great thinker Allama Muhammad Iqbal in Pakistan and about 70 percent of Urdu words are derived from Persian. He said that development of Persian language means development of Urdu language.

The event was also addressed by Chief Guest Dr. Sarfraz Zafar, Head of Persian Department of NUML University Dr. Umbriasman, Prof Mujahid of Department of History  Allama Iqbal Open University, Dr. Rabia Kayani, Dr. Khadija Iqbal, Sarkar Khanum Razia Akbar, Dr. Shagufta Yasmeen and Dr. Muzaffar Ali Kashmiri.

Speakers at the event also paid tribute homage to the services rendered by Persian writer Hakim Abul Qasim Ferdousi, whose thirty years of efforts introduced Persian into Ajam.

Later talking to Radio Pakistan Special Representative Ijaz Hussain, Director General of Khana Farhang Rehman Zad said that Persian is an excellent way of communication between Pakistan. He said that a rich heritage of Islamic teachings is behind Persian language and Khanah Farhang is committed to promote Persian language in Pakistan through educational institutions and highlighting the importance of Persian conducting seminars.