Thursday, 06 October 2022, 11:37:06 am
Analyst pays tribute to struggle of Kashmiris for their right to self-determination
August 15, 2022

Abdullah Gul (Defense Analyst): Yesterday, we celebrated Pakistan's Independence Day with national zeal and fervor. On the other hand, Kashmiris are observing India's Independence Day today as Black Day. The present Indian regime has made the nation extremist and promotes hatred among various groups of people. The Indian people are oppressed because of Indian hegemonic agenda. Even the Indian media has started raising voice against Modi's policies based on communal hate. These policies will disintegrate India into many parts. The struggle of Kashmiris to get their right to self-determination cannot be stopped through use of brute force against them. As per the resolutions of the United Nations, Kashmiris must be given the right to decide their fate. Over 99.99% of Kashmiris want to be part of Pakistan and deny the illegal Indian occupation in the valley. The families of Kashmiri martyrs are pleased to bury their loved ones wrapped in Pakistani flags. The more the Indian forces are using cruel tactics against the Kashmiris, the more the hate is spreading among the Kashmiri people and the more the situation in the valley is getting out of Indian control. Pakistan is successfully highlighting the Kashmir issue at all international forums and continues its moral, political and diplomatic support to Kashmiri people. The Kashmir issue has been internationalized and the time is not far when Kashmiris will get their fundamental right of plebiscite and freedom from India.