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Analysts hail rock solid Pak, China relations for the benefit of both countries
January 15, 2022

Dr. Khurram Iqbal (IR Expert): The bilateral relations between Pakistan and China are important for the people of both countries. The projects like Belt and Road Initiative and China-Pakistan Economic Corporation are in full swing. These projects cannot be smoothly executed by virtue of challenges posed by regional spoiler India. Pakistan has always wished and tried to normalize ties with India but Hindu fundamentalists have always exploited the peace of the region. India has rampantly defamed CPEC project. Moreover, New Delhi has been trying to raise the fifth column in Pakistan via proxy wars. The contemporary posture of Modi's India does not comply with any of the parameters of democracy. The champions of democracy hailing from west have turned blind towards Indian state sponsored terrorism. The US is using India as a satellite and a stooge against emerging China and resurgent Russia. Contrarily, China envisages taking the lead and helping those underdeveloped states that were left out by United States’ development strategies.

Mushtaq Mehar (Former Ambassador): The previous century had embraced two catastrophic World Wars and a number of issues. Conversely, this century is an epoch of globalization where emerging China is enhancing geo-connectivity. The statement of the President of Pakistan is very well timed as the current era is of unification. The process of unification starts from regionalism and in this respect, India and Pakistan should focus on resolving territorial disputes by table talk. Pakistan is embracing a paradigm shift and the incumbent government is rightly responding to the changes to cash opportunities. The former primer and hegemon, the US, is not buying China's stance for development as Washington will not be able to project its power. China and Russia are enhancing their spheres of cooperation with mutual understanding that makes the South Asian environment conducive for development. Pakistan can cash this opportunity by devising a consolidated strategy for establishment of export oriented industries. The agro-based industrialization is quite feasible for Pakistan as our wheat and rice enjoy competitive advantage in the MENA region. The incumbent government is taking vibrant steps to enable Pakistan to reap maximum benefits from the changing dynamics of international economic order.

Dr. Salman Shah (Advisor to CM Punjab): It is a well-timed and long due decision that will finance the talented youth of Pakistan. In this project, the incumbent government will offer financial assistance to emerging business minds based on meritocracy. The business proposals will be thoroughly discussed on the parameters of viability and sustainability. It is an important breakthrough as it will enhance the entrepreneurial mindsets that will eventually lead to wealth and job creation across the country.

Dr. Mirza Ikhtiyar Baig (Economist): The development and prosperity of the youth has been at the top of the agenda of the incumbent government. The Kaymab Jawan Program is a testimony of the fact that PTI government is promoting self-employment. The recent development under the umbrella of Kamyab Jawan Program will provide loans to the youth without guarantees and prerequisites. The job creation ratio is quite low in the case of Pakistan and our desperate youth might fall into the wrong hands. This project is gender unbiased and will provide an egalitarian opportunity to males and females to showcase their talent and live their dream. Moreover, the protection of youth in terms of their job security is an indispensable feature of National Security Policy. The government should set up a committee to issue a feasibility report for different businesses and ideas that will further clear the picture for our youngsters. The execution of this plan in its original spirit will strengthen the small-scale industry of Pakistan.