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Masood Khan vows to further strengthen PAK-US ties
August 14, 2022

Pakistan's Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan in his message on 75th Independence Day of Pakistan has said today is a special day for us - in Pakistan and in the United States.

He said we have completed 75 years of our national independence.

He said Pakistan was a dream in 1940s.Our forefathers and people of Pakistan, through their steely determination and sacrifices opened the way for this miracle.

The Ambassador said Nation-building has not been an easy task for us. We rode through many storms. Many challenges lie ahead. But as individuals, communities and a nation, we are confident that we will succeed. God is with us.

Today we also celebrate 75 years of our diplomatic relations and friendship with our ally and partner, the United States of America.

In the past seven decades, Masood Khan said together we have achieved a lot and we commit ourselves to work together for peace, security and stability. Most importantly, we will strengthen our people to people ties that will nurture our relations at all levels.

Long Live Pakistan

Long Live Pakistan-US friendship.