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Ministers vow to make Pakistan a truly Islamic welfare state
August 14, 2022

Ahsan Iqbal (Minister for Planning): Continuity of policies is essential to take the country forward in all fields. During the seventy five years history of Pakistan, many opportunities of development came but crashed. Failure of continuity of policies due to political instability denied economy the chance of an export-led growth. Pakistan lagged behind many countries of the world that turned their exports into a power machine of growth. Turkey had exports worth 50 billion dollars in year 2000 which crossed the mark of 280 billion dollars in two decades’ time. Pakistan’s exports that were 10 billion dollars in 2000 that reached to a paltry figure of 20 billion dollars in twenty years. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif again emphasized today the need of having a national dialogue and avoiding disruption and polarization in society. A national charter of economy is direly needed so that political change in the country could not affect economic policies. Pakistan is among the lucky few countries that are blessed with natural resources including fertile land, four seasons, water, coastlines, and minerals and most importantly the hard working manpower. We must remember that any person who tries to create disruption in the country is doing so to destroy the economy at the behest of outsiders.

Khawaja Muhammad Asif (Defense Minister): Incumbent government inherited a very weak economy but due to timely decisions and serious commitment, the situation has much improved now. Some significant milestones in Pakistan’s history include adoption of 1973 constitution, achieving the status of nuclear power and making the defence of the country impregnable. It will be a daunting task to create opportunities and hope for youth of the country that comprises around 65 percent of the population. Future of our youth is bright and policies will be devised to harness their ability and talent. National interest should remain supreme over petty personal or group interests. Our history of last twenty years indicates that our armed forces made huge sacrifices for protection of the motherland and established to the world that our defense is in strong hands and we will not hesitate from any sacrifice to protect our borders. Pakistan Army is the most battle hardened fighting force in the world and holds vast experience of combat against the menace of terrorism. Pakistan Army is among the best militaries of the world. Pakistan Army has proven its mettle around the world. Most armies failed in neighboring Afghanistan but Pakistan in its war on terrorism prevailed upon the terrorists.

Qamar Zaman Kaira (Advisor to PM on Kashmir Affairs): Seventy five years is not a big time period for a country. We have gained and lost many things but we must learn from mistakes of past to choose a better course for future. The nations that have succeeded while treading on the path of democracy have learnt the lesson that whole society plays its role in development. Only raising sentimental slogans are not enough to change the things. To take Pakistan to correct course, all segments of society as well as institutions need to be brought to their domains.  Kashmir is the issue for all Pakistanis. We stand our Kashmiri brethren who have rendered numerous sacrifices for their right to self-determination and the day is not far when they will achieve their goal. Pakistan will continue providing moral, diplomatic and political support to Kashmiris and raise this issue at all international forums. We need to expose the cruelties and barbaric crimes of India before the world.

Prof. Dr. Riaz Ahmed (Historian): First of all we should be thankful to Allah Almighty and then Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah for giving us a homeland where we can live with dignity. We strived to come where we are today. Pakistan has been blessed with a great geographical location and we have vast agricultural land and many mesmerizing places. We have several historical locations, visited by foreigners. We also preserve the history of Islam, with multiple Islamic heritage sites. Pakistan is now steadfast in developing itself in every walk of life. Now, we see the dream of our great leaders Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam coming to life, as our youngsters are making the nation proud in all fields. Pakistan have the most dedicated armed forces in the world. We along with our outstanding security forces have overcome several challenges and even helped many countries to resolve their issues.  

Siddique ul Farooq (PML-N Leader): If the current enthusiasm persists we must work according to our national anthem. We, by working against all the conspiracies and introducing reforms in the country, can flourish as an outstanding nation in the world. Our religion also preaches us to be brothers and help each other. The minorities in the region have made Pakistan as their homeland by giving several sacrifices, so we have to work along as a nation by leaving all the differences behind.  Only those countries have high image, who are economically strong. Therefore, if we want to be visible in the world, we have to work on economic reforms. We have vast agricultural land, mineral resources and most importantly the enthusiastic youngsters.