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Analysts hail Pakistan’s role in highlighting critical situation in Afghanistan
January 12, 2022

Abdullah Gul (Defense Analyst): Western countries have certain reservations over the new Afghan government but hopefully all the concerns will be addressed soon. Severe threats of humanitarian and food crises are looming over the war-torn country and the United Nations has issued warnings for the worst if the world does not come forward to support the Afghan people. The United States has frozen 9.2 billion dollars of Afghan assets. Washington must defreeze these accounts so that the Afghan government could run its state affairs smoothly. At this point of time, Afghan government is unable to pay salaries to its employees. The regional countries including China, Pakistan, Iran, Russia and Central Asian States must formulate a joint working group. The influx of a large number of Afghan refugees will not be in the interest of any country. There are still elements working against the interests of Pakistan and Afghanistan and want instability in the region. The Afghan government has assured all the regional and neighboring countries that Afghan soil would never be used against any other country.

Dr. Zahid Anwar Khan (IR Expert): It is a good omen that the United Nations and partners have launched an appeal of more than five billion dollars for Afghanistan. Situation in Afghanistan at this point of time is bad as the country is heading towards humanitarian crises. The world should come forward and take initiative to support the Afghan government and Afghan people. Pakistan has played a vital role in highlighting miseries of Afghan people and is urging the world to provide financial assistance to the war-torn country. If the situation prevails for a longer period of time, the regional countries may face the challenge of influx of refugees in a large number. Pakistan at its end has conveyed the world the sensitivity of the issue and organized an important OIC foreign ministers’ conference on Afghan issue. These measures are being acknowledged regionally and globally. We must be hopeful for sustainable and long-term peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Dr. A. Z. Hilali (IR Expert): Over nine million Pakistanis have been residing in other countries and contributing to the economic development there. The overseas Pakistanis are also contributing to the economic development of Pakistan in terms of remittances which is a great development. There is an utmost need to devise policies to facilitate the overseas Pakistanis. It is a good omen that the present government is doing a great job and providing facilitation to the people living outside Pakistan. Over nine million overseas Pakistanis, or more than four percent of the country's population, are residing in 115 different countries around the world, and have been given the right to vote and to become a part of national politics. Moreover, the government has also approved certain bills to ensure the safety of investments of overseas Pakistanis in the real estate sector. All these initiatives will definitely boost the morale of the Pakistanis living abroad.