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Lockdown in occupied Kashmir causes $1bn loss in two months: BBC
October 10, 2019

Lockdown in Indian Occupied Kashmir has jammed business activities causing a loss of over one billion dollars to the economy so far.

In its special report, BBC says it is over two months now that the territory is under lockdown and the situation is still not normal in the territory. Some businessmen have closed their business as a protest against London decision of August 5, while others have closed their shops fearing violent attacks by Hindu extremists.

BBC cites an estimate by Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry which says that the territory has witnessed an economic loss of 1.4 billion dollars due to military clampdown It said thousands of people have also lost their jobs and livelihood.

The report further says that lockdown has also adversely affected the tourism industry. The report warns that if the situation continues this month it will have disastrous consequences.