Tuesday, 16 July 2024, 03:29:46 pm

Pakistan witnessed 62.3% increase in IT exports during April
June 10, 2024

Pakistan has witnessed an increase of sixty-two point three percent in IT exports during April this year as compared to same period last year.

According to a fresh report of BBC, the increase in IT exports is a result of policy reforms and business-friendly policies introduced by Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC).

The report further said the stability of local currency and allowing freelancers to deposit foreign earnings into local bank accounts is the main factor of this surge in the IT exports. The relaxation in retention limit for IT companies from thirty-five to fifty percent by the State Bank of Pakistan is also a factor of this increase.

The IT sector is amongst one of the priority sectors of Special Investment Facilitation Council and all the stakeholders were taken into confidence in this connection.

Another significant reason for this increase in IT exports is over twenty-five thousand IT graduates and freelancers, who earned money from foreign companies, which resulted in the surge of foreign exchange.