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NDMA’s NEOC successfully mitigates heatwave impacts
June 10, 2024

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The National Emergencies Operation Center of NDMA has achieved remarkable success in mitigating the severe impacts of heatwave in the country.

Due to timely action and proactive measures, there was no causality across the country due to heatwave.

Utilizing advanced meteorological models and climate data analysis, the NEOC identified specific periods, regions and vulnerable populations and infrastructure which were to be affected by extreme temperatures.

This helped NDMA issue timely guidelines for establishing cooling centers, ensure an adequate supply of potable water, issue public health warnings, and advise personal protective actions.

All these efforts yielded positive result and led to a fifty percent reduction in the impact of heatwave as compared to previous years.

Healthcare facilities reported fewer cases of heat-related illnesses with only 26 patients under observation while 3,979 patients were treated successfully and discharged. 

This achievement has set a benchmark for future disaster response strategies.