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Analysts hail Pakistan's diplomatic efforts to seek international assistance for Afghan people
January 10, 2022

Abdullah Gul (Defence Analyst): Pakistan has already done a lot for the people of Afghanistan. Afghanistan, as a country, desperately needs peace and stability after the devastation of some 40 years. The global community is realizing and appreciating the efforts made by Pakistan, but merely appreciation and acknowledgement is not enough. Practically, the Western countries are doing nothing for Afghanistan.  The countries like Romania should put some pressure on the EU and the UN to mobilize financial resources for the help of the people in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the regional countries like India have always been standing with the oppressors in Afghanistan. Furthermore, the CARs are also making just verbal efforts in Afghanistan. They should take practical and pragmatic steps for durable peace in the country.

Brig. (Retd.) Ghazanfar Ali (Defense Analyst): Pakistan has been playing a sincere role to bring peace and stability in neighboring Afghanistan. Pakistan has time and again highlighted the plight of Afghans before the world and is warning of a humanitarian catastrophe if vital aid does not reach ordinary people. There is also a risk of instability and chaos, leading to terrorism in the country. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi during his visits to Romania and Spain will apprise his counterparts the delicate situation in Afghanistan and how the world community could play its role to minimize the sufferings of ordinary people.

Dr. Huma Baqai (IR Expert): India's negative policies towards the regional countries have been continuing since long. There are tangible facts to substantiate Indian behavior against the people of IIOJ&K and the region at large. Now, Indian government is targeting all the minorities, including Muslims, Dalits, Christians and Sikhs, which is quite alarming. Apparently, all the vulnerable communities are suffering in the hands of Modi administration and under the state patronage. The violence and lynching of the innocent people in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and within India itself is increasing with every passing day. Since Pakistan has shifted its foreign policy from geo-politics to geo-economics, it seriously wants functional relationship with the neighboring countries, including India. South Asia is the least integrated region of the world, so Indian government should understand the grave situation and come up with the saner policies.

Dr. A. Z. Hilali (IR Expert): The extremist mindset of Indian Hindus dates back to a long time, but it is now becoming clear before the world. The whole world is silently watching the rising wave of extremism in India but is doing nothing. The incumbent Prime Minister Modi was once a persona non-grata in EU and the US due to his active role in incitement against Muslims, but now they have changed their perception towards him. The recent wave of discrimination against Indian Muslims is attracting world headlines, but there is no solid action at the international level against it. Similarly, in IIOJ&K Muslim majority is being persecuted to punish it for raising voice for their right to self-determination. It is high time that the world takes action against Indian atrocities in the country as well as in IIOJ&K.