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Supplementary exams for matric, intermediate will be held from September: NA informed
July 08, 2021

The National Assembly was informed that a supplementary examination for matric and intermediate students, who still need time for preparation, will be held from September this year.

Responding to a calling attention notice moved by Ahsan Iqbal and others to delay examinations, Parliamentary Secretary for Federal Education and Professional Training Wajiha Akram said it would also be ensured that children should not suffer a loss of their academic year.

She said that all decisions regarding metric and intermediate examinations in elective subjects and reduced syllabus were taken unanimously by all the federating units.

Wajiha Akram also made it clear that ample time was given to students to get themselves for examination.

She said three to ten days’ gap has been given in the date sheet to facilitate students to have sufficient time to revise their course.

Ahsan Iqbal, however, proposed to delay the examination for six weeks as the students have not even revised the smart course assigned to them.

The Chair remarked that he would talk to Minister for Federal Education Shafqat Mahmood, who is currently in Gilgit-Baltistan for some official matter, to devise a strategy in this regard.

The House will now meet at 11 am tomorrow.