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Analysts say Prime Minister’s visit to China will grow ties between Beijing, Islamabad
June 08, 2024

Rana Ihsaan Afzal (Coordinator to PM): The recent visit of Prime Minister is very important for our country. We can learn many things from China. China has made development through the local body system and it is the system that Pakistan must also develop. As the local government set up is considered a nursery of democracy. PML-N in its manifesto also reiterated the commitment to strengthen the local body system. This is the one way we are going to adopt the Chinese model. Secondly, the industrial policies   in China are very consistent and sustainable for a longer period of time and the same must also be adopted in our country as well. As a part of economic policy, everybody must be in the tax net and the government is making all out efforts to bring more people in the tax network. Moreover, the government must also adopt a zero-corruption policy for smooth running of state departments. We hope the visit will help to increase foreign direct investment in the country.

Dr. Zafar Malik (Senior Journalist): The Prime Minister is on a five day visit to China along with a high level delegation and also 150 Pakistani businessmen are accompanying him. Over 35 Pakistani companies signed over 35 agreements with different Chinese companies in fields of IT, solar power, textiles and others. The Prime Minister also visited Huawei headquarters and urged the company to invest in development projects in Pakistan. The Prime Minister spent a very busy day in Beijing today and met with high-level business officials and motivated them to invest in Pakistan. The Prime Minister also addressed a business forum and after that there was one to one meeting of Chinese investors with Pakistani ministers. The focus of the Prime Minister is to ensure a 25 billion dollars investment in the IT sector in the next three years. The Prime Minister will also meet the Chinese President and we are expecting good announcements of this meeting. Overall the visit of the Prime Minister has been very successful so far.