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PML-N leadership expresses resolve to continue efforts till complete rehabilitation of flood-hit people
October 07, 2022

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The leadership of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz has expressed the resolve to continue efforts with passion till the complete rehabilitation of the flood-affected people.

The resolve was expressed at a meeting of the party presided over by the Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif in Islamabad.

The meeting appreciated the efforts and fervour of the government and institutions especially armed forces for assistance and rehabilitation of the flood-affected people.

Senior leadership of PML-N also condemned the plan of assault on Islamabad by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf  and decided that the miscreants would be dealt with iron hands according to law.

The participants said these elements are trying to create political instability and chaos in the country by shedding blood.

They noted that these elements earlier conspired to cause default of Pakistan, destroy the economy, create disunity in the national institutions, attack institutions and run a foul campaign against the martyrs.

These elements also conspired against China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, against friends of Pakistan and against security of Pakistan in the name of cypher and now these conspirators are colluding against economy of Pakistan and the flood affectees in the name of long march.

The meeting lauded efforts of the prime minister and his team for improving value of the rupee against the dollar and stock exchange and for saving the country from default.