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Pakistan urges world to play role in preserving Islamic heritage sites in India from extremist ‘Hindutva’ regime
December 06, 2022

Pakistan has urged the international community and United Nations to play their role in preserving Islamic heritage sites in India from the extremist ‘Hindutva’ regime.

The Foreign Office, in a statement on Tuesday, said the Indian government must ensure the safety, security, and protection of minorities, particularly Muslims, and their places of worship.

The Foreign Office, on completion of three decades marking the demolition of the historic Babri Mosque in the Indian city of Ayodhya by Hindu zealots, said the occasion is a sad reminder of the growing anti-Muslim frenzy in India ever since.

The statement said we condemn the ongoing construction of a Hindu temple on the site of the demolished mosque, and the acquittal of the criminals responsible for its destruction.

The Foreign Office said the international community needs to take cognizance of the growing Islamophobia, hate speech and hate crimes in India.