Wednesday, 05 October 2022, 12:43:39 am
Analysts criticize lies of PTI in prohibited funding, smear campaign against state institutions
August 06, 2022

Ahsan Iqbal (Federal Minister for Planning): It is highly unfortunate that the PTI Chairman is working on a foreign agenda. For the last ten to fifteen years, Imran Khan introduced the politics of hate, anarchy and political instability. Even when he was in opposition, he used to do politics of sit-ins. Imran Khan never preferred to sit with the government to devise comprehensive plans in the best national interests. Now again, PTI is maligning state institutions, spreading hate, promoting a false narrative and misleading the public. According to the ECP's verdict, PTI had concealed many accounts which were used for transactions of funds from abroad and utilized for personal gains. There had been evidence against the PTI for getting funds from anti-Pakistan lobbies abroad and overseas Pakistanis. PTI used the foreign funds for a specific agenda. For the past many years, Imran Khan submitted fake documents and affidavits to ECP and never declared the foreign funds. It is a clear violation of laws. A thorough investigation in this regard must be conducted to reach a conclusion.

Qamar Zaman Kaira (Advisor to PM on Kashmir Affairs): The real face of PTI and its Chairman has been fully exposed and now its supporters are also seeing the factual position. The foreign funding case was filed not by the government but by a former PTI member. Akbar S. Babar claims that he highlighted the corruption in party funds to Imran Khan a number of times but he always ignored. Now after the verdict of ECP, the Election Commission and other state institutions are a direct target of PTI's social media team. Strict action should be taken against the culprits involved in this malicious campaign. The government at its end will file a reference in the Supreme Court in light of ECP's decision. The government has also directed the investigation agencies to submit a conclusive report to the government so action could be taken.

Ikhtiar Wali (Leader, PML-N): Whatever is going on in the country at this point of time has endorsed our narrative that PTI's social media cell is promoting hate and making our young generation uncivilized. It is still the time that PTI adopts sanity and promotes culture of civilized language among youth. The democracy in country was threatened when Imran Khan came into power with the tacit support of India and Israel. PTI government took the highest loans in the history of Pakistan but no mega development project was started in the country. Finally, the ECP has exposed the fraud and lies of Imran Khan. The regretful social media campaign run by PTI's social media cell after the unfortunate helicopter crash in Balochistan is strongly condemnable. It is the responsibility of the government to deal with the culprits involved in propaganda against our armed forces with iron hands.

Salman Ghani (Senior Journalist): It was a tragic incident when Pak Army's helicopter crashed in Balochistan and six military personnel were martyred. The officers were overseeing the flood relief efforts in the province. PTI launched a social media campaign after the unfortunate helicopter crash just for the sake of its petty political interests. The nation always stands by the state institutions but it is Imran Khan and his followers who have launched propaganda against the national interests.  Lt Gen Sarfraz Ali who embraced martyrdom in the crash was known as a thorough professional with an impeccable personality and served in some of the most sought-after positions in the army. PTI’s propaganda against the martyrs is highly condemnable.