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Analysts praise Kamyab Jawan Sports Drive to harness potential of country’s youth
December 05, 2021

Chaudhry Fawad Hussain (Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting): The Kamyab Jawan Sports Drive will provide an equal opportunity to the young males and females of Pakistan to showcase their talent. There are seven different sports for males and eight different sports for females. Around 6000 youngsters will be participating in different games. This was the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan that is being materialized. This initiative will have a long term impact on the future of our young generation. The enthusiasm of our youngsters to participate in Kamyab Jawan Sports Drive depicts the bright future of Pakistan. 

Salman Shah (Advisor to Punjab Chief Minister on Economic Affairs): Prime Minister Imran Khan's Sports Drive Program is a much needed initiative to engage our youth in healthy activities. Pakistan's young generation has zeal and talent that will be systematized by virtue of the Sports Drive Program. This initiative will have a long-term impact on the future of sports in Pakistan. Pakistan is far away from numerous sports that are included in the Olympics. Unfortunately, the Pakistani nation has a stereotype that sports are not a career. But, there are multiple examples around the world that negate such a mindset. Pakistan needs to unveil and cash the economic strings attached with different sports. Moreover, this program will enhance the soft power of the country. The younger generation of Pakistan will establish a positive image of Pakistan at international level. The incumbent government is determined to support young talent of Pakistan to compete at international games.

Ali Muhammad Khan (Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs): The young generation is an important asset of Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan's Sports Drive Program is designed to hunt the local and unearthed talent in Pakistan. This initiative will encourage the youth to engage in healthy activities rather than indulging in nefarious pursuits like drugs. The Prime Minister himself is an athlete and it was his vision to promote sports in the country. This program will rejuvenate the golden era of Jhangir Khan and likes when Pakistan was a hub of sports.  The entire nation is confident that the young generation will make Pakistan proud if they are provided the right opportunity.

Najam us Saqib (Former Ambassador): The international community is paying mere lip service to avert the impending humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Afghanistan does not need pledges and moral support from those countries that have brought devastation to it. The troika plus members as well as regional powers should materialize their pledges. Islamabad has a clear cut stance on the Afghan issue and Pakistan's political leadership is vocal on forestalling the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. OIC might prove conducive platform for devising a pragmatic strategy for curbing the Afghan crisis. The global and regional powers should leave their political reservations aside and help the starving Afghan nation. The US is still reluctant to acknowledge the gravity of the situation and is criticizing the Taliban regime rather than cleaning their mess. The Afghan Taliban have now established a de-facto rule in their country. The US should assist them in ensuring law and order situation rather than corroding the pillars of the Taliban regime.