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Analysts hail Prime Minister’s assurance to Sri Lankan government to strictly deal with culprits of Sialkot incident
December 04, 2021

Molana Abdul Khabir Azad (Chairman, Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee): The entire Pakistani nation is feeling ashamed on the gruesome incident of lynching of a Sri Lankan nation in Sialkot. These extremist elements have been pursuing nefarious designs under the pretense of Islam. Islam is a religion of peace and harmony and the culprits of Sialkot incident do not represent our religion. The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) was an epitome of peace and love and such religious fanatics have wrong interpretations of Islam in their minds. Prime Minister Imran Khan has assured the Sri Lankan government that the culprits will not be spared. There is a dire need to bring such extremist elements to task and to disseminate authentic interpretation of the teachings of Islam.  

Molana Tahir Ashrafi (Special Assistant to PM on Religious Harmony): The Sialkot incident has left the entire nation ashamed. The political leadership of Pakistan strongly condemns this barbaric incident and Prime Minister Imran Khan himself is overseeing the investigations. More than 100 individuals have been arrested and Prime Minister has assured that the culprits will be severely punished. No one in this country is above the law. The Pakistani nation needs to understand that they should let the state do its job. People should stop the practice of being accusers and arbitrators on their own. This incident cannot be justified by any means but still spoilers like India should better pay heed to their own religious militant organizations like RSS. Pakistan and Sri Lanka enjoy good diplomatic ties and spoilers should refrain from politicizing this incident to corrode our bilateral relations. 

Asim Iftikhar (Spokesperson, Foreign Office): The political leadership as well as the whole nation condemns the Sialkot incident. Prime Minister Imran Khan has personally contacted the Sri Lankan President and has extended condolences. Moreover, he has assured the Sri Lankan government of an impartial investigation of this incident. The Foreign Ministers of both states are in direct contact and arrangements are being made to send the deceased’ body back to home for funeral. The Sri Lankan authorities have expressed their confidence on Prime Minister Imran Khan. As per the ongoing situation in Afghanistan, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has timely offered the OIC members to host the extraordinary session in Islam. The fundamental rationale behind this session is to thoroughly discuss the impending humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Pakistan has been playing a constructive role in averting the humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan. Now it is high time that OIC member states step forward and do something for Afghanistan. This extraordinary session will not only help curbing the situation in Afghanistan but will also portray a positive image of Pakistan at international level.