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Analysts hope world will fully respond to Pakistan’s fresh flood appeal
October 04, 2022

Ahmed Kamal (Chairman, Federal Flood Commission): The flood situation across the country has become normal and there are no reports of flooding anywhere. We are now in the rehabilitation and reconstruction phase. The main focus will be on the areas of Sindh and Balochistan in particular where the flood water will take time to dry. The Federal Minister for Water Resources is holding meetings at regular intervals and with the consensus of relevant authorities decisions are being taken. Pakistan has been badly affected by the impacts of climate change and there is a dire need to devise new policies to face these threats. Today it is Pakistan that is affected and tomorrow there could be any other country. The international community has supported the flood affected people to a great extent and food and other items are being provided to them.

Najam-ud-Din Sheikh (Former Ambassador): UN Secretary General is very well aware of the current situation in Pakistan caused by devastating floods. During his recent visit to Pakistan, he himself visited and monitored the catastrophic situation in different parts of the country. The Secretary General urged the world to support Pakistan in this critical juncture. The big countries are focusing on the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the need of the hour is to divert their attention towards our problem. The speech of the foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari at the UN General Assembly session has motivated the international community to provide assistance to the flood affected families. Pakistan is among the most vulnerable countries to climate change. The government needs to focus on managing the water resources in order to stay safe in future from such disasters.