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Analysts hail Kamyab Pakistan Program
October 04, 2021

Mirza Ikhtiyar Baig (Economist): The Kamyab Pakistan Program is an initiative of the government basically aimed to uplift the people who have been spending lives below poverty line. Moreover, another focus is the youth of the country. Through this program the youth will be able to get interest0free loans to start their own businesses. Kamyab Pakistan Program is not a single program but another 4-5 programs have been initiated where the government has provided financial funds. The support of the bureaucracy in transparency of this program is vital that can make the program functional effectively. As the result of pandemic, the inflation in the country has increased. But the government has taken appropriate steps to facilitate the poor segment in the country. For example, subsidy on food items is being provided by the government through utility stores. The people can get cooking oil, pulses, sugar, flour and other items on cheaper rates and the difference of the amount will be paid by the government through subsidy. Such measures will be helpful in decreasing the inflation.

Dr. Salman Shah (Advisor to Punjab Government):Kamyab Pakistan program includes loans for low cost housing, interest-free loans will be provided to the masses to start their own businesses that will also result in job creations. With the time, the inflation will also reduce in the country. All the programs initiated by the government including Ehsaas program, Kisan card, health card and others will directly facilitate the poor and low-income class. The surveys have been completed and data of the deserving have been collected. The amount will be disbursed directly to the deserving family. In my opinions, Kamyab Pakistan Program is a revolutionary program. The international bodies including IMF have also appreciated the initiatives of the government to provide relief to the masses even during the pandemic.


Masood Khalid (Former Ambassador): China Pakistan Economic Corridor project has great potential to change Pakistan's economic landscape. It is flagship program under Belt & Road Initiative and China itself is giving much importance to this mega project. Though this game changer project, Pakistan managed to improve its road infrastructure and overcome energy shortage to a great extent. China has injected billions of dollar in the project to strengthen the regional economy. The countries where the projects under BRI have been completed and now economically development. However, Pakistan and China are determined to complete the projects under CPEC in the country within specified time. Many Special Economic Zones have also been established that will be helpful in creating jobs. CPEC has become an international topic of discussion. Although, some elements including India and United States are making efforts to sabotage this project to counter China's economy in the region. Boycotting this game changer project, India is not contributing in any way in prosperity and economic development of the region. The Asian region including central Asian states are rich of natural resources and China is supporting the countries of the region to improve the economy. There is no doubt that Asia has been increasing its influence in the world, largely, because of China’s exceptional economic growth and hopefully this will be the Asian century. In my opinion, India is missing an opportunity to be the part of mega project.

Dr. Aliya Hashmi (Economist):Afghanistan's newly ensconced Taliban regime is looking to China for major investments in the coming months and expressed willingness to join China Pakistan Economic Corridor project. I am hopeful that once the Taliban government gains global recognition, China will start building infrastructure projects in war-torn Afghanistan. China is well aware of Afghanistan's vast mineral resources in Afghanistan so it is an opportunity for China to make investment in Afghanistan that will also facilitate the Afghan people as they will get the job opportunities. Some elements particularly do not want to see prosperous and stable region because of their hegemonies thoughts. But India will never succeed in its designs to sabotage this game changer project as the member countries are determined to complete the project by all means.