Friday, 14 May 2021, 07:05:45 pm
Govt started number of programs, initiatives for masses
April 04, 2021

The incumbent government has started number of programs and initiatives in various sectors for revival and improvement of the lives of the masses.  

Under Ehsaas interest free loan program, 42.65 billion rupees were allocated for target population of 16.28 million and 1231517 people have so far been benefitted.

Under Ehsaas Langer Program launched in 2019, the government has planned to establish 112 Langer Khanas within two years to provide meals daily to 67,200 beneficiaries including labourers, jobless, travellers and poor segments of the society.

Under Ehsaas Student Scholarships program launched in the same year, 24 billion rupees were allocated for four years with plan that 50000 students from low income families from all over the country, AJK and Gilgit Baltistan will be given Scholarships.

Under Ehsaas Aamdan Income Program, started in January 2020, 15 billion rupees have been allocated for 1.4 million people of the country with plan that 221926 interest free loans will be given to 110726 households as assets.

Under Ehsaas Kafalat, "one woman one bank account" will be materialized and for this purpose 2000 rupees monthly will be given to 7 million poorest women across the country aiming at bringing them out of poverty. 3 million rupees will be given to 138275 families in 219 villages along with the Line of Control. Each family will get one-time payment of 12000 rupees and 2000 rupees per month. Under this program, 177.85 million Rupees have been allocated for 14821 families of South Waziristan.

In March 2020 after Coronavirus pandemic, 203 billion rupees for 15 million families were allocated for disbursement of 12000 rupees per family.

Under Sehat Sahulat Programs for 7.5 million most deserving families have been selected in 68 districts across the country and 60,000 rupees per year per family will be provided with Priority Treatment Initial Coverage of 300 thousand rupees per family per year.

Under Waseela Taleem program 80 billion rupees have been allocated for 4 years and 1500 rupees will be provided to male students while every deserving female student will be given 2000 rupees.

Under "Koy Bhooka Na Soye" program, inaugurated last month, it has been decided that two trucks will feed around 2000 people two-time daily around the year especially those who cannot access Ehsaas Langer Sites in Industrial zones and bus stations.

Under Panagah program launched in August last year, 100 Panagah facilities have so far been build for laborers and daily wagers to provide shelter and two time meal.

For uplift the Tourism Sector, the government has introduced "E-Visa" facility for 170 countries, and "Visa on Arrival" for 50 countries while Business Visa has also been simplified.

One billion rupees Tourism Endowment Fund has also been created to promote religious tourism, soft image of the country and employment generation.

For Clean and Green Pakistan, sustainable and safe environment program has been initiated for provision of safe drinking water, solid and liquid waste management and cleanliness.

10 billion Trees Tsunami project has been initiated for planting 10 billion trees in five years across the country. Under Electric Vehicle Policy, the government will announce incentives to increase Light and Heavy Electric vehicles by 30 percent by 2030 and 90 percent by 2040. 12 to 15 percent will be increased in protected area coverage under Protective Area Initiative while plastic bags will be banned across the country as part of global efforts to reduce plastic bag consumption.

Under Reforms in Agriculture Sector, 12 billion rupees have been allocated for uplifting the sector, 277 billion for PM Agriculture Emergency Program and 50 billion for Fiscal Package to mitigate COVID-19 impact.

Under China Pakistan Economic Corridor, 1332 Kilo meters road network has been completed with cost of 4.54 billion dollars while 1807 KMs roads are under construction costing 2.96 billion dollars. ML-1 Railway line of 1733 KMs will be completed costing 6.8 billion dollars. Under CPEC nine economic zones will be established out of which three SEZs have so far been completed.

Under the Trade Diplomacy the ECC reduced duty on 152 Tariff and due to this policy exports will increase by 4.9 percent in six month fiscal year 2021.

Due to Financial Reforms the Current Account Deficit converted into positive while trade deficit has been decreased to 7.6 billion dollars in 2020-2021.  Foreign Direct Investments have increased up to 88 percent in comparison to Fiscal Year 2019 as the Central Bank adopted flexible exchange rate and reduced pressure on Pakistan Rupee.

Under Roshan Digital Account initiative, the government made easy the E-transaction for overseas Pakistanis and due to this policy, SBP's Foreign Exchange reserves till Jan 2021 have increased by 24 percent in comparison to June 2019.

100,000 accounts have so far been opened in Pakistan till 12th March 2021.