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Experts urge Afghan government to ensure security of Pakistani diplomats in Kabul
December 03, 2022

Jamil Ahmed Khan (Former Ambassador): It is not the first time that our diplomats are attacked in Afghanistan. Pakistan is determined to provide all necessary resources to further enhance security of diplomats in Kabul. There are certain other measures that are needed to be taken in order to avoid such incidents in future. The UNSC in its meeting indicated that under the Doha agreement the interim Taliban government will not allow the terrorist outfits to use Afghan soil against any other country. According to the statement of UNSC, there are half a dozen terrorist outfits in Afghanistan. Pakistan at its end must engage the Afghan government to take action against the culprits. Continuous efforts are need of the hour to take strict action against the militant organizations in Afghanistan, including the ISIS and Al-Qaida. Moreover, we should engage with the Tribal leaders having influence on both sides of the border to play their role in bringing peace and stability. 

Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Raza Muhammad Khan (Defense Analyst): The terror incident on Pakistan's Embassy in Afghanistan was not only condemned by Pakistan but across the globe as well. Pakistan and the United States have demanded a comprehensive inquiry to find out the main culprits involved in the incident. There is a need to ascertain whether RAW, TTP or any other militant organization was involved in the incident and the elements found involved must be dealt with the iron hands. The security of Pakistan's embassy in Afghanistan is the responsibility of the interim Afghan government. Pakistan has urged the Afghan government to enhance the security of Pakistani diplomats in Afghanistan.