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Analysts denounce India’s propaganda campaign against Pakistan
October 03, 2022

Dr. Rasheed Ahmad Khan (IR Expert): The allegations hurled by the external affairs minister of India regarding Pakistan's so-called involvement in international terrorism are not supported by any facts. India's baseless allegations are a reflection of their irresponsible and brutal behaviour in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir. The people of Kashmir are harassed on the name of cordon and search operations conducted by the Indian army. The Modi-led BJP government is following the Hindutva ideology and evidently is trying to suppress the Muslims in the region, to make them a minority by force. The Indian government should be forced to halt these atrocities against the Kashmiri people. International community must come forward to help grant the Kashmiris’ their right to self-determination.

Dr. Zahid Anwar Khan (IR Expert): Fact of the matter is that India itself is involved in many acts of international terrorism. India used Afghan soil to destabilize Pakistan by promoting terrorism inside the country. India also used Iran to launch terrorist operations in Pakistan. It is not new propaganda of India. Rather, it has established many disinformation networks around the world which were exposed in EU Disinfo Lab reports. India has been involved in state terrorism in IIOJ&K by abusing Kashmiris and subjecting them to worst human rights violations. Pakistan at all international forums has been highlighting and exposing the nefarious face of India. Pakistan has always promoted peace in the region. But it is India that is acting as saboteur. International community acknowledges Pakistan’s positive contributions toward world peace. India out of sheer frustration wants to tarnish the image of Pakistan. No other country except Pakistan has played its role in war against terrorism so effectively by sacrificing its people and infrastructure.