Wednesday, 01 December 2021, 02:20:23 am
Analysts hail Kamyab Pakistan Program as a major initiative in government's efforts to alleviate poverty
October 03, 2021

Shaukat Tarin (Finance Minister): Kamyab Pakistan Program is another initiative of the government and is aimed at helping people economically. The poor segments have never seen prosperity. Now, it is the time to take direct action to facilitate the masses. The interest-free loans worth 1.4 trillion rupees will be given to 3.7 million families. These will include loans to households, to agricultural sector for the production of crops, to industrial sector to increase production, and the housing sector. For the industrial sector, there will be different programs like Kamyab Karobar program where entrepreneurs and graduates will get an opportunity to start their own businesses.

Syed Fakhar Imam (Federal Minister): Kamyab Pakistan is a positive initiative of the incumbent government through which people will get interest-free loans. The farmers will also be able to get loans in order to increase production of crops. It is for the first time that the government is focusing on agricultural sector and a subsidy is being provided to farmers. Hopefully, this program will motivate the young farmers to increase agricultural production.  

Dr Khurram Iqbal (IR Expert): It is high time that the world and regional players come forward and support the Afghan government and people in this crucial time. Pakistan at its end is leaving no stone unturned in dispatching humanitarian aid to Afghan people. China is also extending its support to Afghan people. Pakistan is making diplomatic efforts to convince the United States and western capitals to release the frozen reserves of Afghanistan. The United Nations and other world bodies need to play a strong role to ensure the release of funds from American banks in order to avoid any economic crises in the war-torn country. Pakistan is frequently interacting with the central Asian states particularly Tajikistan to support the newly formed Afghan government.

Dr Hassan Orooj (Director Health Services, Islamabad): It is unfortunate that some segments are opposing the policy of the government. Social media platforms have become a common source for health information. The people may use social media to improve their knowledge about the disease, transmission, and prevention mechanisms. Although, some cases have been reported even after the vaccination, but their effects were mild. It is a good development that people are realizing the importance of inoculation and are getting themselves vaccinated.