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Religious scholars urged to form anti-terrorism narrative
December 02, 2017

President Manoon Hussain has urged different segments of the society to sit together and formulate a national narrative to eradicate the menace of terrorism.

He was addressing the international Seerat Conference organized by Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony in Islamabad on Saturday. The President said that intellectuals, writers, poets, political and social experts as well as think tanks will have to play their role towards building the narrative against terrorism. He recalled that the religious scholars at a conference held sometimes back at International Islamic University had presented a joint communiqué suggesting the way forward in the war on terror. He said that it was a positive step in the right direction. Mamnoon Hussain said that on 1st December, when the people were celebrating the birth of holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and renewing their pledges to follow his teachings, the terrorists stormed a building in Peshawar killing many people. He said that a person who has respect and affection for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and believes in Islam cannot dare play with the lives and property of other people in such a manner.

The President emphatically made it clear that Pakistani nation strongly rejects terrorism and is determined to wipe it out. He pointed out that extremism is a curse, which poses serious threat to national development and country's stability. He said it is imperative that the entire nation gets united to purge the country of this menace. Referring to the topic of Seerat Conference "Guiding Principles for the National leadership in light of the teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)", the President said it is particularly important for those at the helm of affairs to constantly study the Holy Quran and Sunnah of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to get the rightful guidance to face the challenges of their era. Mamnoon Hussain noted that the world today is entangled in complex problems of various natures. He said in such a situation, the mature nations and their leadership determine their way forward by sincerely evaluating the challenges from educational, cultural, societal, political and economic aspects. Mamnoon Hussain said that by following the footsteps of Holy Prophet Muhamamad (SAW), we can free the society from all the ills and negative tendencies and put it on the path of peace, progress and prosperity.

Addressing the conference, Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Muhammad Yousaf said that it has always been the endeavour of the ministry of religious affairs to promote the Islamic teachings as this is vital to meet the present day challenges. He said holding of Seerat conferences and other such events are also aimed at providing guidance to the people to find solutions of their problems in the light of the teachings of holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

On the occasion, prizes were also distributed amongst the best writers of Seerat books and literature.