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Analysts hail cabinet’s decision to launch legal action on recent audio leak of PTI Chairman
October 02, 2022

Najam Us Saqib (Former Ambassador): Now, we all know the conspiracy was hatched by the previous government and its prominent characters were involved in it. It was a planned strategy and now it is backfiring. The public has now got a clear picture of the scenario constructed by them and they themselves have been badly exposed. The relations with the US could have further deteriorated with this issue. Remember, we are in desperate need of external support to put our economy in order and we cannot afford creating enemies. Therefore, mending relations with the US and normalizing bilateral ties was the biggest challenge for the PML-N led incumbent government. But, the new government has successfully managed this issue and there is no rift between Washington and Islamabad.   

Ikhtiar Wali Khan (MPA KPK): PTI ChiefImran Khan does not follow the norm of decency when he is addressing the public or a meeting. When his party held the office, the gold rate was forty-two thousand rupees and petrol was being sold at one hundred and fifty rupees per liter. After their ouster, prices of gold and gold went upwards due to various international reasons. As far as the diplomatic cipher is concerned, any letter received from a country to the foreign office falls into this category. If it was just an ordinary piece of paper, why PTI Chief claimed it was a source of foreign conspiracy. Imran Khan is already known for stealing the national gifts and other precious items. But, he must understand that anything missing from public office can lead to legal proceedings. He is not the only person involved in this. Former Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, former Planning Minister Asad Umer and other prominent PTI leaders were also involved in this concocted case. Now, Imran Khan should face the consequences of his deeds.  

Salman Ghani (Senior Analyst): This is a very sensitive issue and the ex-premier of the country fabricated such a scenario for the sake of consolidating power. They thought they could get away with this issue that was hatched in the top office of the country. He should have understood that any of his actions could directly affect the common people. We have good relations with the US and they are one of our biggest allies. Pakistan already had a negative image in the world and instead of improving it the previous government went to manipulate the minds of the general public. The federal cabinet has given a go ahead to hold investigation and legal action on recent audio leak of PTI Chairman regarding diplomatic cipher to hold him accountable.