Wednesday, 01 December 2021, 02:03:53 am
Analysts urge people to get vaccinated against Covid-19 to protect themselves and others
October 02, 2021

Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar (Vice Chancellor, National Skills University): With the help of Allah Almighty the corona virus situation in Pakistan is very much under control. The delta variant looks like dying down. However, the situation could get serious if people do not take extraordinary measures to ensure compliance with the standard operating procedures. The government is taking strict measures against the masses that have not got them vaccinated yet. It is a fact that Covid-19 vaccines are safe, effective and harmless and, therefore people including patients can get vaccinated against the pandemic without any fear.

Hamza Shafqaat (Deputy Commissioner, Islamabad): When the delta variant emerged in Islamabad, the ratio of positive cases was 8% and 400-500 corona cases were being reported in federal capital on daily basis. We also changed our strategy this time and despite implementing smart lock-down strategy, our focus was to ensure maximum citizens to be vaccinated. We have managed to administer vaccine to over 80% citizens and the positive ratio has also decreased by 2%. Keeping in view the situation, the administration allowed indoor dining, weddings, schools opening and other activities. The cinema industry was badly affected due to pandemic but we are allowing their reopening. Our prime focus will still be on the vaccination of remaining 20% people who are not yet vaccinated. From October, the unvaccinated people will be arrested under the law and will be fined as well. If someone wants to travel he should be vaccinated, otherwise he will not be allowed to travel.

Dr. Zaeem Zia (DHO, Islamabad): It is a bit motivating that over 80% residents of federal capital have been vaccinated and measures are being taken to ensure the administration of rest of the 20% population of the city as well. I would like to appeal the people who have been vaccinated to still wear masks and follow the guideline and precautionary measures in order to stay safe. The local administration is conducting crackdown in different areas to arrest the un-vaccinated people.

Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Naeem Khalid Lodhi (Defense Analyst): Pakistan should not be blamed for the outcome of war in Afghanistan and for the losses of the United States. If the US generals are themselves admitting that Afghan war was the strategic blunder of the United States, then how Pakistan could be blamed for the US defeat in Kabul. Pakistan has rendered huge sacrifices in the war that was imposed on it. Pakistan should remain steady and pursue its national interests. America definitely is pressurizing Pakistan to sabotage the China Pakistan Economic Corridor project as it cannot leave space for Russia and China to get hegemony in the region. Prime Minister Imran Khan has rightly urged the United States to unfreeze Afghan reserves in order to avoid any situation leading to anarchy and chaos in Afghanistan. If the world will not support to Afghan government at this point of time then it may result in increased terrorism globally. India actively played the role of a peace spoiler in the war-torn country but because of the convergence of interests with India, international community is reluctant to condemn Indian policies in the region.

Dr. A. Z. Hilali (IR Expert): Even the enemies of our country are praising the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Prime Minister has won the hearts and minds of every world leader both in the East and West because of his sincerity and political vision for peaceful coexistence for the future of mankind and humanity. The wisdom of Prime Minister has secured achievements in various areas, especially on economic, social, human development and foreign policy fronts. PM Imran Khan is rightly urging the world that the international community should not isolate Taliban, but instead strengthen the current Afghan government for the sake of the people. PM highlighted Indian atrocities and human rights violations perpetrated by New Delhi at all international forums effectively, but unfortunately the world is not taking serious action against India because of their commercial interests.