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Analysts hail the legislation to protect the rights of journalists' community
December 01, 2021

Mazhar Iqbal (President PFUJ): Journalists in Pakistan have been facing numerous problems since the time of independence. The recent development has secured the fundamental rights of journalists in Pakistan and the journalist community lauds their efforts. The Journalist Protection Law will curtail the unconstitutional subversion that media personnel face while pursuing their official duty. Moreover, the establishment of a separate commission to console the grievances of journalists will ensure freedom of press across the country. Media is an integral and indispensable pillar of the state. It is the primary duty of the state to protect the sources of dissemination of information in the current era of warfare of narratives.

Arshad Malik (Senior Journalist): The previous governments in Pakistan have been doing mere lip service for the protection of rights of journalists. The PTI-led government has introduced a consolidative approach through the formulation of a legal code for rights of media personnel. The multifaceted term 'journalist' has been defined under this law which is a milestone achieved by the government. Moreover, the Protection of Journalists Law will ensure workplace security, job security, freedom of expression and mobility of journalists. For the interpretation and execution of this law, a separate commission will be established to deal with the issues of media persons. This law is a beacon of hope that ensures the entire nation's bright future.

Kanwwar Dilshad (Former Secretary ECP): The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is a legit body that has every right to express reservations on Electronic Voting Machine (EVM). The recent amendment in the pattern of conduction of general elections is an historic development. But, ECP has proposed that these EVM's will be tested for their credibility before elections and the final report will be shared with the federal government. The digitalization of voting mechanisms is the need of the hour but ECP cannot take any risk by making hasty decisions. The fundamental rationale of ECP is to ensure free and fair elections in Pakistan. For that purpose, ECP has to go for rational decisions in the case of EVM. ECP has apprehensions that chips and software of devices can be changed which will eventually lead to rigging in elections. The secrecy of general elections is at stake and the federal government will have to address the reservations of ECP. The Ministry of Information and Technology as well as other legislative organs of government need to devise a plausible strategy for execution of the EVM project.

Lt Gen Retd Raza Muhammad Khan (Defense Analyst): The ice has started to melt as the UN has stepped forward to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan. Saudi Arabia has proposed that the OIC members should arrange a meeting to devise a consolidate stance of Muslim World on the current situation in Afghanistan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan has offered to host any such meeting in Pakistan which shows Islamabad’s readiness to curb the Afghan issue. Moreover, the visit of Moeed Yusuf to Russia holds strategic importance for Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakistan should mobilize troika plus as well as OIC to pressurize US and Germany to release the legit funds of Afghanistan.