Thursday, 08 December 2022, 04:50:06 am
Experts appreciate deep-rooted, time-tested friendship between Pakistan and China
October 01, 2022

Aizaz Chaudhary (Former Ambassador): Pakistan and China enjoy deep rooted and strong ties spanning over many decades. China is the stabilising factor in the whole region of South and South East Asia. China has no objection of Pakistan maintaining good ties with either the US or India. China’s foreign policy is peaceful and is not directed against any specific country. Islamabad and Beijing’s relations have further strengthened since the start of China Pakistan Economic Corridor. We can benefit from this project most optimally by devising our economic policies in a way that are consistent and stable. We should provide maximum facilitation to Chinese private sectors so that they could come and invest in our country. Political stability is very important for economic development. The nemesis of Pakistan do not want Pak, China friendship to prosper and they use tactics like targeting of Chinese nationals in Pakistan to put a dent in relations between the two countries. Our forces are already doing what they can, but now people of Pakistan should give a clear message that Pak, China relation is in our interest and we will not tolerate any nefarious effort to sabotage it. Pak, China defense cooperation is very important for stability of Pakistan.

Dr. Talat Shabbir (Economist): It is very important day for the Chinese and we congratulate them on this auspicious occasion. During the last seven decades, China has progressed immensely in every field. Its credit goes to Chinese people and leadership who carried their nation forward. Despite many ups and downs during this period, they persisted and succeeded. Chinese philosophy is based on win-win cooperation and peaceful coexistence. China is committed to help uplift the developing countries from poverty. China is a source of inspiration for many countries of the world that are on path to development. China’s OBOR will benefit around one hundred and thirty countries of the world.