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PBA launches its specified TAB at PBC website & two online opinion boxes
January 29, 2020

Pakistan Broadcasting Academy launched a specified “TAB” at PBC website and two online opinion boxes wednesday, the 29th of Jan, 2020 to reach out its audience at home and abroad for feedback.

Both the initiatives were launched at the closing ceremony of three-day course on “CONTENT WRITING” at PBA Auditorium in Islamabad.

The ribbon for this purpose was jointly cut by Controller (Home), PBC Headquarters, Miss Khalida Nuzhat, the chief guest on the occasion and Principal, PBA Muhammad Tariq Chaudhry.

Speaking on the occasion, Principal PBA, thanked the Director General, PBC Mrs. Samina Waqar for her personal gesture in allotting an independent SLOT/TAB to PBA on the main navigation of PBC website.

He said PBA’s management and IT Experts will soon feed Pakistan Broadcasting Academy’s main objectives and schedule of future courses and activities in the TAB after necessary formalities.

Explaining the idea of online opinion boxes, Principal, PBA said

pbaopinion1 box has been specified for PBC professionals/veterans for feedback while the second box pbaopinion2 has been allotted to the private sector media experts to share their suggestions.

            Throwing light on the PBA course on “CONTENT WRITING” Principal, PBA Muhammad Tariq Chaudhry, expressed the hope that it would help enhance the professional capacity of Radio Pakistan’s Senior Producers and Anchor persons who participated in the course.

            He thanked the veteran professionals Mr. Sulman-ul-Moazzam, a PBC veteran programmer and Mr. Farooq Qaiser, a PTV celebrity, popularly known as “UNCLE SARGAM”, for their valuable lectures on Smart Script Writing and Ethics in Content Writing to the participants.

            He also thanked the young social media expert Mr. Adeel Habib for delivering a lecture on digital content writing.

            Speaking on the occasion, chief guest Miss Khalida Nuzhat also thanked the Director General, PBC for taking personal interest in reviving and upgrading the academic activities at Pakistan Broadcasting Academy.

             She hoped that the government of Pakistan, Ministry of Information and PBC Headquarters would continue to extend a helping hand to the PBA management for promoting much needed academic activities at the campus, providing a forum to the media experts to share their experiences with young professionals to further groom them.

            At the end of the ceremony certificates were distributed among the participants.

                                                                                      *** Principal PBA ***