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Ishaq Rahi (Prominent Poet)
June 30, 2020

Rahi got birth on 09 April 1935 at Mehar, district Dadu. Molana Girami and M.N Mahzoon were his teachers. He started poetry in his early age. Ishaq was teacher by his profession, he joined different literary association. He founded “Bazam e Akbar” to promote literature & also published several literary books. Rahi died on 06 June 1994. His published books are as under:

1. Guldasto

2. Majmua e Gazal

3. Rubaiyat e Rahi

4. Gul Ahri tarah tha hawa mein luddan Interview Interviewee: Ishaq Rahi

Interviewer: Zulfiqar Ali Hesbani

Producer: Gul Hassan Qureshi

It’s production of PBC Hyderabad