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Discussion on Importance of Balanced Diet and Key Points of National Nutrition Survey
June 25, 2019

Summary: The 2018 Pakistan National Nutrition Survey (NNS 2018) is the largest national nutrition survey carried out in Pakistan. It is designed to provide policymakers, programme managers and academicians a unique set of nutrition-related data including environmental, anthropometric and biochemical indicators. The study group included children, women of reproductive age (WRA) and adolescent boys and girls. NNS 2018 is the fifth national nutrition survey since 1965, but the first to yield district-representative data and to include adolescents and a component on water.



Host: Tayyaba Iftikhar

Guest: Dr. Samina Naeem , Former Department Head: Maternal, Neonatal & Child Health/Reproductive Health at Institute of Health and Management Sciences Islamabad

 Production Coordinator:  Muhammad Ali Farooqi

Producer: Shahid Afraz Khan

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