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Discussion on Pakistan Academy of Letters in Programme Rabta
December 20, 2017

Pakistan has rich heritage of literature with multi-lingual diversity. Its transformation and growth into a separate identity with predominantly Islamic character coupled with its mystic lore continues in Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pushtu, Baluchi, Brahui, Saraiki, Kashmiri etc. Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) not only preserves this heritage but also promotes and develops it by projecting it at various forums at home and abroad. PAL also looks after the welfare of the writers, poets and scholars and provides them with essential support and encouragement in Intellectuals pursuits

Pakistan Academy of letters is establishing its four new branches in Dadu, Fata, Gilgit and Muzaffarabad. The main purpose of Pakistan Academy of Letters is to devise projects and programmes to promote and advance literary activities in the country and to look after the welfare of the writer’s community.

Host: -  Sultana khohkab

Guest: - Dr Muhammad Qasim Bughio (Chairman Pakistan Academy Of Letters)

Producer: -  Inam Soomro and Muhammad Ali Farooqi

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