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December 11, 2019



Uncertainty prevails in IOK as lockdown enters 129th days. Media silenced in occupied Kashmir. Mumbai activists protest against HR abuses in IoK Over 500 signatories condemn HR abuses in IoK International community should keep its eye on human crisis in the valley. Necessary actions are needed to resolve miserable condition in IOK.




Brig (R) AKhtar Nawaz Janjua (defence Analyst)

Indian government was not serious on preserving the human rights of the residents of occupied Kashmir. More than 500 signatories including women, women’s groups and members of women’s movements have condemned the continued clampdown in occupied Kashmir since August 5. Educational institutions have been reopened but due to limited access to the Internet, the people especially students of standard 10 and 12 are facing a lot of problems. He stated that the family members of those who are living outside Kashmir are constantly terrified.


Maj (R) Zahid Saeed (Defense Analyst)

Women of the world urge the global community to remember that 8 million Kashmiris are still being held hostage by close to 1 million Indian security personnel. Kashmir were still being held without charges or trial, under administrative detention laws such as the Public Safety Act, while the grounds of detention and whereabouts of a large number, including children as young as ten, remained unknown Modi government has crossed all limits of inflicting atrocities on innocent Kashmiri people and Indian Hitler Narendra Modi has usurped basic human rights of unarmed Kashmiri people for the last four months, he added.



International survey says that India is biggest fake news producer


Poetry of Shakil Jazib on recent situation of Occupied Jammu & Kashmir

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