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October 10, 2018


Foreign Ministers reiterate Pakistan’s efforts for Peace in Afghanistan

Government has decided to consult IMF for economic relief

Dollar Increased by Rs. 9.75

International Post day

Live link to Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s address to ideological workers in Islamabad.


            Zahid Farooq Malik (Journalist, Senior Analyst)

Senior Analyst Zahid Malik talked about the Foreign Minister’ s meeting with American delegation on peace in Afghanistan and said that America is like immediate neighbor to Pakistan in International affairs and geo-political situation in the region. However, we cannot present to America a won war in Afghanistan. America is in difficult situation in Afghanistan and instead of working on peace process with collaboration with Pakistan it has disturbed Pak-America relations by breaching the contracts such as fund provision and tilted attitude on Pak-India relations. . He further added to the point that India’s back out on foreign ministers’ meeting in Washington let a negative impact on the world however, America could have played a role in that regard and if Pak-America bilateral relations get better there would be greater chances for situation in Afghanistan.

Foreign minister’ addressed to the ideological workers in Islamabad and said that before joining PTI he was not really aware of the power of social media. The transmission of messages through social media diverted the reigns of public power. The youth has always stood with their leader Imran Khan and the world happened to see the first light of the power of youth in October 2011. Imran Khan provided the platform for the change that was long-awaited and desired by the nation. PTI workers created political awareness in a peaceful manner. Overseas Pakistanis have also great contribution in the built of PTI. I really want to recognize the efforts of overseas Pakistanis who have been silent workers for Imran Khan’s vision and mission.

Zahid Malik further talked about the Pak-America relations and geo-political situation in the region and said that after evacuation of Russia from Afghanistan America wants to make a monopoly in the region however, the conditions for NATO forces are vulnerable and external occupancy has never been accepted by Afghani people.

Faheem Sardar CEO Askari Securities and senior economist analyzed the Dollar rate increase to PKR and said that debate with IMF on the rates is a normal process however, there might be a number of reason for a sudden fall of PKR. He further added to the point that sudden increase indicates both positive and negative factors. What I can understand is that there is some clause accepted by government pushed by IMF. Zahid Malik asked Faheem Sardar that is it possible that mafia has played its role after the announcement of pm to consult IMF as it has happened before as well? Faheem Sardar answered that market itself is unable to identify the reason behind the sudden raise of dollar value. He further said that it is possible that before the arrival of dollars in the economy an artificial shortfall has been created however, such sudden raise is unnatural and abnormal. Zahid Malik asked him that as we can see that Saudia is investing in Pakistan, CPEC projects are going to be launched with full capacity, they may have caused this abnormal dollar raise.  Faheem sardar answered that some market sentiment has been disturbed because of FATA delegation’s arrival in the country.

Zahid malik further added to the point that mafia in the market take unethical advantage of increased rates on power sources. For instance, gas price was increased at a minor level but the mafia of bread makers, transporters and other interests took advantage and raised prices.

Muhammad Zaheer, Director Pakistan Post member universal post talked about international post day and said that for transmission of letters and many other items post is a vital department in official infrastructure.

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