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Discussion on World AIDS Day and Services of NACP in Program Rabta
December 07, 2017

Pakistan is the second largest country in South Asia that stands only a few steps behind India and Nepal in terms of HIV epidemic.

Despite many efforts, the HIV infection rate has increased significantly over the past few years and in fact, the country has moved from a low prevalence to concentrated epidemic with HIV prevalence of more than 5% among injecting drug users (IDUs) in at least eight major cities. Other high‐risk groups, such as men who have sex with men (MSM), hijra sex workers (HSWs) and female sex workers (FSWs), also look set to reach this threshold level.

In this Programme Ms. Sofia Furqan highlights the efforts of NACP's efforts under the supervision on Ministry of Health Federal Ministry for National Health Series Regulations and Coordination in controlling and spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS.

Host: Sultana Kokab

Guest: Dr. Sofia Furqan, Sernor Manager, National AIDS Control Programme

Producer: Yasir Atta Gul

Programme Coordinator: Muhammad Ali farooqi