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Discussion on Strengthening Rural Support Programmes to foster the Performance of Public Sector Institutions of Pakistan
March 07, 2018

The Rural Support Programmes Network (RSPN) consists of eleven member Rural Support Programmes (RSPs) that espouse a common approach to rural development: social mobilisation. Social mobilisation centres on the belief that poor people have an innate potential to help themselves, that they can better manage their limited resources if they organise and are provided technical and financial support. The RSPs provide social guidance, technical and financial assistance to the rural poor. RSPN provides capacity building support to RSPs, and assists them in policy advocacy and donor linkages.



Host: Azra Intisar

Guests: Fazal Ali Saadi, Programme Manager, Zara Jamil, Documentation and Reporting Officer and Filza Nasir, Monitor Officer, The Rural Programmes Network (RSPN).

Programme Producer: Irfan Maqbool Rana

Programme Coordinator: Muhammad AliFarooqi

It is PBC Islamabad Production.